Square Business Cards?

In years gone by when people stored business cards in Rolodex's or other card holders a size other than 2.25" x 3.75" would have been unthinkable. But now that most cards end up being digitized in some fashion I think a unique size can make sense. Nice work Mark Olson and/or Christine Scarinzi.

SpinCard Takes a Stab at Killing the Business Card

...Takes a Stab at Killing the Business Card - get it? See what I did there?...

Well anyway, they're at it again. Trying to kill the business card!

According to the founders, SpinCard is a mobile app that gives each user a six-character code, or spin. That way users can give a new contact at a networking event the code. The new contact enters in the code to Spincard app and it immediately shows a picture of the user, their contact info and links to their social media outlets. Users can then sort through contacts by flipping through head shots of users."

The fly in the ointment here is the same as most other options. 1) You have to have the app and critical mass is tough to achieve and 2) Your data is then in yet another database that you need to manage / access / worry about.

Unique business cards work because they are simple and allow the recipient to handle as they see fit - Add to their database, stick in a rolodex (youngsters - google it) or discretely toss it in the trash.

"Driving" Results in Auto Sales

Auto sales. A tough industry to be sure. (Are there any easy industries? Didn't think so.)

Like any industry it's easy to get caught in a rut. Doing the same things the same way because - well, that's what auto dealerships do. Right?

Mike Purvis and Kyle Battis of Strategic Automotive Marketing are the guys to call when you are ready to shake things up. They will bring you new concepts and industry best-practices that will jump start your sales.

They can help you improve your marketing efforts in all areas including: Mobile, Social Media, Pay-per-Click, SEO and more. These guys are marketing superheroes. (They have unique business cards to prove it!)

Now "That's" an Expensive Business Card

Show Off Cards has never been know for having inexpensive business cards. In fact, until I saw these I thought our unique business cards were fairly expensive (but definitely worth it).

So if you don't want to spend $1500 on a single diamond studded business card give us a call and we'll sell you 1000 cards for a LOT less.

Business cards can't be killed - But it doesn't mean people won't try!

A company called TouchBase has introduced a business card who's contents can be instantly imported by your phone by waving the card in front of the screen. Pretty nifty.

In my day job I am involved with RFID technology and assumed it was that or Near Field Communication (NFC) but NO.  The TouchBase cards—which feel exactly like any other business card—are embedded with a distinct pattern of conductive ink that mimics a multi-touch gesture on a smartphone's display.

Which means - and here comes the catch - you have to get your business cards from TouchBase and I assume they must maintain a database of their card purchasers contact info.

Read the article from Gizmodo

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The Business Card Cannot Be Killed

The Wall Street Journal summed it up pretty well: "The Business Card Cannot Be Killed". Think about all we can do with smartphones and all the cloud storage available with instant connectivity and yet...when you met a potential customer or go to a trade show the first thing you do is hand them a business card. Why? Because that's "just what you do". It may not be logical but it is what it is.

So while you're handing out business cards, make sure they are unique business cards.

There's a Nap for that

This post has absolutely nothing to do with Unique Business Cards. It's just the best quilt I've ever seen. A cool quilt? I know right?!